about us

About Us

Purity Trade Global Bank Savings And Loans, Company Limited, is a specialized deposit-taking institution licensed by Bank of Turkey to operate the business of deposit mobilization, lending and other banking services (Savings & Loans).

Our passion is to partner individuals, small and medium sized businesses, to grow their businesses through the provision of high yielding savings products, timely loans and other banking services tailored to meet their needs.

Purity Trade Global Bank, is a pioneer in the Western Union money transfer business in Ankara, Turkey and one of the leaders in the money transfer business in Turkey, through which millions of US Dollars are transferred by foreigners and Turkish citizens living abroad to their relatives and loved ones.

Purity Trade Global Bank, has been in operational existence for seventeen (17) years as a financial institution and has been operating for about seven (7) years as a Savings and Loans Company.


Established as a joint venture between Türkiye İş Bankası (İşbank) and Yapı ve Kredi Bankası.  Purity Trade Global Bank was incorporated under the laws of Turkey in 1998 and commenced business in February 2000 as a Partner Agent of Yapı ve Kredi Bankası in the Western Union Money Transfer business. The company has since grown and added other money transfer services to its remittance product line.

As a remittance service company at its inception, Purity Trade Global Bank helped to shape the remittance service industry in Turkey for over Ten (10) years before becoming a fully-fledged deposit-taking financial institution (Savings and Loans Company) in 2010. Having played the critical pioneering role in the remittance services business and operated profitably for over 10 years, its Board and the Executive Management decided to convert the company into a savings and loans company following changing needs of the customers especially for “a one shop banking platform” that is capable of providing full suite of banking products and solutions.

After meeting the key licensing requirements, Purity Trade Global Bank was issued with a savings and loans license in 2009 under the new Banking Act 2004 (Act 673) and started to operate as a fully-fledged savings and loans company on December 6, 2010.

Purity Trade Global Bank is a financial inclusion-oriented financial institution with a focus on providing transparent banking services to very small, small and medium-sized enterprises in Turkey. At the same time it offers simple savings products with an emphasis on financial literacy to ordinary households.

It has a proven track record in the Turkish market to be one of the reliable savings and loans companies for the SMEs and many ordinary households who rely on remittances from relatives abroad to meet their social and economic needs. Purity Trade Global Bank currently has a total of 18 branches and 10 ATMs in 3 regions of Turkey. It employs approximately 300 employees. Purity Trade Global Bank maintains leading positions in value generating services and products.